.NET 3.5 Using VB

This class has been specially tailored for the experienced .NET 2.0 VB programmers who are ready to learn about the new features and capabilities in .NET 3.5 as well as to enhance his .NET programming skills and understanding. Students will spend at least 50% of the class time in labs learning how to apply the many new features in VB, use LINQ, AJAX, and several other major additions to the .NET Framework. The course includes features released in Service Pack 1 such as the Entity Framework.
-Prior training and/or experience in the .NET Framework, VB and/or C#, and Visual Studio .NET, in any version up to .NET 2.0-Familiarity with relational databases
5 or 10 1/2 Days/Lecture
This class is designed for experienced .NET 2.0 programmers who will be making the transition to .NET 3.5
New .NET 3.5 VB language features, including anonymous types, lambda expressions, and extension methods::LINQ (Language Integrated Query)::AJAX in ASP.NET::WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)::WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and Silverlight::WF (Windows Workflow Foundation)::ASP.NET MVC Framework

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