.NET Compact Framework

The goal of this course is to provide developers with the knowledge and skills to develop mobile enterprise solutions by using the Smart Device Extensions for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.
Students should have strong working knowledge of the .NET Framework and have experience developing applications using VB.NET.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for experienced, professional software developers who work in corporate enterprise development teams and independent software vendors. Most students will be Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft Visual C#, or Java developers. These developers want to build end-to-end solutions in an enterprise environment that includes mobile devices as part of the environment. This course may also benefit Microsoft Windows CE developers who have typically used native code (either C or C++) to build Windows CE applications.
Explain the .NET Compact Framework and technologies used in mobile enterprise application development::Set up and configure the mobile application development environment::Build a simple client application for a mobile device::Manage offline data access::Access remote data::Synchronize mobile data::Design applications appropriately for a mobile environment::Create secure applications for a mobile environment::Debug and test mobile device applications::Build and deploy a sample mobile enterprise application::.NET compact framework architecture::What is a .NET compact framework program?::The .NET type system::Platform invoke::Creating forms::Mouse and keyboard input::Inside controls::Data binding to controls::Building custom controls::Storage::ADO.NET programming::Synchronizing mobile data::Printing

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