.NET for Experienced Developers

Since the creation of the .NET framework the recommended method for developing Web Applications has been ASP .NET Web Controls. However extending the controls metaphor to the Web has not been a complete success. Although controls enable rich user interfaces they can lead to performance problems, increased network traffic and designs that lack clear divisions between architectural layers.The ASP .NET MVC Framework is a new approach to Web Application development, which builds on top of the existing server page infrastructure but dispenses with Web Controls. It enables a clean separation between presentation code and business logic, leading to faster development, layered architectures and components that can be unit tested.This course provides existing developers with all the information they need to start developing ASP .NET MVC based Web Applications. The delivery is workshop based, with developers enhancing a sample application as the course progresses.
Students must be C# developers who are familiar with conventional ASP .NET based Web Applications. Experience with Visual Studio 2008 and AJAX is helpful but not essential.
4 Days/Lecture & Labs
  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Advanced Fundamentals
  • Programming Languages
  • Threading Support in .NET
  • I/O Support in .NET
  • XML Support in .NET
  • Database Access with ADO .NET
  • Client Side Development with Windows Forms
  • Web Application Development with ASP .NET
  • Web Services in .NET

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