.NET Programming with VB and C#

Training Summary
This hands on course focuses primarily on creating Windows and Web (ASP.NET) applications, using the .NET Framework. Also introduces the creation of Class Libraries, Web Services, and Console applications. It covers the writing of code in Visual Basic and C#, including conditional statements, looping, exception handling, declaring variables, manipulating numbers, dates and strings, and much more. VB and C# examples are given side by side, so that the student can focus exclusively on one language or the other, or compare the two languages. This course introduces ADO.NET. (The database components of .NET)
Students should have experience in any programming language, including Visual Basic, C, Java, COBOL, etc.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Application developers.
Course Topics
Overview::Foundations of a project::Language basics::Variables and constants::Handling numbers, dates and strings::Providing choices::Functions::Windows forms and navigation::Web forms (ASP.NET pages::Database programming::Additional topics::Deployment

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