Network Automation with Python and Ansible

Training Summary
No two networks are the same! Learn to automate your network with a Python and Ansible skillset. Course can be taught across all major (and most minor) network vendors. Course demonstrations can be adapted to best-fit the customer’s network to ensure all lessons have maximum relevance. This course teaches students to blend Python skillsets with Ansible through the lens of automating networks. Automation techniques for the most popular vendors (incl. Cisco, Juniper, Arista) will be subjects of study, however students may request examples from vendors within their own environments. Topics begin with a focus on automating networks with Python. This skill set is then folded into a broadening understanding of automating with Ansible. By the conclusion of this course, Students will have programmatic experience automating enterprise class networks, including writing custom Ansible modules with Python. Class is a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on labs. Students are invited to share their own relevant Python and Ansible scripts with the instructor to ensure class subjects are as relevant as possible. All notes and scripts will be made available to students by the end of each day via a cloud-share or email. Lab time will reinforce that day’s topics and demonstrations. Class is appropriate for those interested in automation, specifically network automation, and those looking to marry a Python and Ansible skill-set.
Recommended Prerequisite: Python Basics (5 days
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for:
  • Network Administrators
  • Ansible Devs
  • Python Devs
  • Administrators interested in Automation
  • Individuals interested in DevOps, specifically for networking
Course Topics
  • Python Data to YAML
  • Running Netmiko
  • Running your first Playbook
  • Debug Module
  • Playbook Prompts
  • EOS Get Config and Archive
  • Agnostic Network Modules
  • Network Playbook Error Handling
  • Network Playbooks with Roles and Rollbacks
  • Securing Playbooks with Vault
  • Network Playbooks, Set Fact, and Fail
  • Debug, Loops, and YAML Lists
  • Running a script with Ansible

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