Next Level Java 9 Programming/Intermediate Java 9

Next Level Java 9 Programming is a four-day, hands-on fast-track course geared for experienced developers who have prior working knowledge of basic Java 8 or Java 9 who want to take advantage of the newest features of Java 9 that can help them improve performance and functionality of their Java 9 applications. Students will explore and learn how to leverage Modules, scale applications into multi-core environments, improve performance, and become a more effective Java 9 developer.
Students should have practical skills equivalent to or should have received training in the following topic(s) as a prerequisite:
  • Introduction to Java 9 Programming for OO Experienced Developers
  • Java 9 Programming Basics for Developers new to OO
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This in an intermediate level Java development course geared for students experienced with Java 8 or later programming essentials who wish to quickly get up and running with advanced Java skills. This course does not cover Java programming fundamentals.
  • Java 9 Updates
  • The Java Module system (Jigsaw)
  • More Java 9
  • Multithreading and Concurrency
  • Reflection and References
  • Effective Java
  • Writing High-Performance Applications

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