Node.js Bootcamp

This course focuses on the tools necessary to develop MVC web applications that exchange data through RESTful APIs. The MEAN Stack training course begins with a review of NoSQL databases and the MongoDB then we delve into the basics of Node.js. We move on to building websites and RESTful APIs using Express, touching on building websocket applications using Socket.IO. Finally, we will explore frameworks that we can use for our presentation layer.
The Node.js Bootcamp course assumes you have strong web development understanding and experience, including HTML5, HTML5 APIs, CSS3, fundamental JavaScript, ECMAScript 5 and a familiarity with jQuery, underscore or YUI.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Front-end developers looking to adopt JavaScript for back-end development
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Node.js
  • Building Express Applications
  • Building Socket IO Applications
  • Front end MVC

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