Node.js Training: Server-Side JavaScript with Node.js and Express

ProTech's Server-side JavaScript with Node.js and Express training teaches experienced JavaScript developers how to create server-side applications with JavaScript and Node.js, culminating with an MVC application built on the Express framework that queries databases and calls back-end web services.
Node.js training attendees should have a thorough knowledge of JavaScript. They should be familiar with web server application design concepts (such as accessing databases and SOA concepts), as well as basic HTML and CSS.
2 Day/Lecture & Lab
  • Learn why server-side JavaScript is useful
  • Install Node.js
  • Learn how Node.js is architected to allow high scalability with asynchronous code
  • Create basic web applications with Node.js
  • Automate tasks with Gulp
  • Build an HTTP server using the core modules in Node.js
  • Use stream I/O to efficiently serve the web pages
  • Create modules to organize the server
  • Test the reliability of the application with unit tests
  • Convert the application to an MVC framework using Express
  • Interface to a MongoDB database and a web service

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