NoSQL for Developers (Cassandra)

Training Summary
This course will introduce Cassandra - a popular NoSQL database. It will cover Cassandra principles, architecture and data model. Students will learn data modeling in CQL (Cassandra Query Language) in hands-on, interactive labs. This session also discusses Cassandra internals and some admin topics.Format: Lectures and hands on labs. (50% lecture + 50% labs). Pace of the class is determined by the students.
Before taking this course, students should have the following skills:Be comfortable with Java programming languageBe comfortable in Linux environment (navigating command line, editing files with vi / nano)
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course was designed for developers.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to Big Data / NoSQL
  • Cassandra Basics
  • Data Modeling - part 1
  • Data Modeling - part 2
  • Data Modeling Labs Group design session
  • Cassandra drivers
  • Cassandra Internals
  • Administration
  • Bonus Lab (time permitting)

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