NOV 8013 Novell GroupWise 8 Advanced Administration

This Novell GroupWise 8 Advanced Administration course is a four-day, hands-on experience. It provides a highly technical look at the features of GroupWise 8 from the Administrator role and teaches you how to troubleshoot those features. The labs in this class focus on leveraging GroupWise features to make administration and troubleshooting a GroupWise 8 system more efficient.
Before taking this course, you should have a fundamental knowledge of networking technologies, especially TCP/IP. Solid working knowledge of Novell eDirectory is required, including the use of ConsoleOne, tree organization, and how to browse the tree. GroupWise administration skills are also required. You must know how to access GroupWise objects from the GroupWise view in ConsoleOne. It is also necessary for you to know the GroupWise folder/file structure.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
The audience for this course is experienced GroupWise server administrators who are, or intend to be, managing GroupWise servers at a level that goes beyond the basic administration skills covered in Course 3105, GroupWise 8 Administration. This is for GroupWise administrators who want to go beyond a standard installation and gain in-depth knowledge of Agent configurations.
  • Architecture Review
  • Applying Support Packs
  • Advanced Agent Configuration
  • Advanced GWIA Configuration
  • Advanced WebAccess Configuration
  • Securing GroupWise with SSL
  • Installing and Using the Client
  • Top Support Issues
  • Installing Mobile Solutions
  • Clustering

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