Nutanix Data Services Administration

Training Summary
This course teaches you the administrative skills needed to install, configure, manage, and upgrade three different Nutanix storage solution products:
  • Nutanix Files - As part of this module, you will set up and manage Nutanix Files, a software-defined, scale-out file storage solution that provides a repository for unstructured data, such as home directories and departmental shares.
  • Nutanix Volumes - You will learn how Nutanix Volumes provides file storage for your physical workloads, with the same simplicity as virtualized workloads, consolidating infrastructure into a single unified platform.
  • Nutanix Objects - Nutanix Objects allows you to build a simple, secure, and scale-out stack. We show you how easy it is to spin up the Nutanix Objects service in a few simple steps.
  • This course requires basic system administration knowledge, acquired through training or hands-on experience.
  • You should be familiar with Nutanix storage concepts, be able to create a VM through the Nutanix web console (Prism), and know how to run commands from the command line interface (CLI).
  • If you do not have these skills, we recommend taking the Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals (NHCF) class first.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Customers and systems operators that want to learn how to manage file, block, and object storage using Nutanix Files, Nutanix Volumes, and Nutanix Objects.
  • IT administrators and business leaders who manage Nutanix clusters in the datacenter and want a detailed deep dive into Nutanix storage administration.
  • Anyone pursuing Nutanix Certified Professional – DataServices (NCP-DS) certification.
Course Topics
  • Installing and Configuring Nutanix Files
  • Managing, Upgrading, and Monitoring Nutanix Files
  • Analyzing and Optimizing Nutanix Files
  • Installing and Configuring Nutanix Volumes
  • Managing, Upgrading, and Monitoring Nutanix Volumes
  • Analyzing and Optimizing Nutanix Volumes
  • Deploying and Configuring Nutanix Objects
  • Managing, Upgrading, and Monitoring Nutanix Objects
  • Analyzing and Troubleshooting Nutanix Objects

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