Object Oriented Analysis and Design

OO is a way of thinking about, designing and implementing systems. This course teaches participants how to use OO effectively within their area of responsibility whether they are analysts, designers, architects, programmers or testers. The course delivers a solid foundation of OO concepts,techniques and best practices s well as an introduction to industry standard tools and methodologies like UML, RUP and Use Cases.
There are no prerequisites for this class.
5 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for anyone who needs an understanding of OO including managers, developers, analysts and architects.
OO concepts and ideas. When to use or not use OO.::Modeling with UML 2.0.::OO development processes Unified Process, RUP::Requirements and risk management. Use cases.::Domain modeling::Analysis moving from requirements to initial design.::Software Architecture::::Design creating the blueprint for a component-based system.:: Design and architecture patterns improving the design::Testing and QA Producing robust quality software.:: Managing the project.

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