Object Oriented Analysis & Design with UML

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This course starts with an overview of object oriented principles and the Rational Unified Process. It then proceeds on with the requirements of analysis using Use Cases. Students will learn how to use these requirements in order to drive the discovery of an object oriented software architecture in a most interactive way. The emphasis is on how to use the Unified Modeling Language (UML) notation, how to analyze and document user requirements and how to design computer systems that best satisfy requirements. In addition, the following UML diagrams are included; activities, sequence, collaboration, deployment and state diagrams.

To gain the most from this course, you need a background in solving problems with computers.

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for Programmers.

  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML
  • Object-Oriented Principles
  • The Rational Unified Process
  • Use Case Driven Analysis
  • Modeling Dynamic Aspects of the System
  • Identifying System Domain
  • Identifying System Behavior
  • Refining System Domain through Class
  • Understanding Object Lifecycles
  • Refining States and Statecharts for Best Case Scenarios
  • Completing Analysis and Beginning Design
  • Designing Well-Formed Classes
  • Designing System Behavior
  • Detailing Software Specification
  • Separating Interface from Implementation for Improved Design
  • Defining System Architecture

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