Object Oriented Design

Through lecture and discussion, students will be given an overview of Object Oriented analysis and design based on data driven methodologies. Benefits of using Object Oriented design will be examined as part of this course. This course is based upon Booch methodology and also teaches Yourdan notation.
The student should have knowledge of COBOL or PASCAL, knowledge of a relational DBMS product and one or more years of professional experience.
3 Days/Lecture
Mainframe managers, end-users, system analysts, system designers and management requiring an understanding of Object Oriented designs in application development.
  • Objects and classes
  • State and behavior vs. data and program
  • Hierarchy and inheritance
  • OO Programming languages (OOPL)
  • OO Database Management Systems (OODBMS)
  • The OO life cycle
  • Advantage and disadvantages of OO analysis and design
  • The characteristics of OO design
  • Items to consider when implementing

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