Object-Oriented Python

This course teaches students to develop Python applications and frameworks using object-oriented techniques. Students move from the basics of writing and running Python scripts to more advanced features such as file operations, regular expressions, working with binary data, and using the extensive functionality of Python modules. Emphasis is placed on all aspects of o-o programming, including base classes, inheritance, properties, and special methods. Unit testing and distributing packages of modules are also covered. This course is based on Python 2.x.This is a hands-on programming class. All concepts are reinforced by informal practice during the lecture followed by graduated lab exercises.
Students should have a working, user-level knowledge of Unix/Linux, Mac, or Windows. While not required, basic skills with at least one other programming language will be helpful.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is appropriate for advanced users, system administrators and web site administrators who want to use Python to support their server installations, as well as anyone else who wants to automate or simplify common tasks with the use of Python scripts.
  • Variables, Loops, I/O
  • Lists and dictionaries
  • Regular expressionsClasses
  • Constructors and Methods
  • Properties and attributes
  • Inheritance

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