ONTAP NFS Administration - NFSAD

Training Summary
This course extends the NFS information that is found in the ONTAP Cluster Administration course. This course reviews NFS and explores in more detail different NFS versions and the features of ONTAP 9 software that support the NFS protocol. The exercises are accomplished using ONTAP 9 software.
The following pre-requisites or equivalent knowledge are required for this course:ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals WBT (OCFWBT)ONTAP 9.3 Cluster Administration (ONTAP9ADM) Familiarity with UNIX and Linux operating systems
8 Hours
NetApp EmployeesEngineersChannel Partners
Course Topics
By the end of this course you will be able to: Define and describe NFS protocol versions Configure clustered ONTAP 9 for NFSv3, NFSv4, and NFSv4.1 with parallel NFS (pNFS) Configure Kerberos in a Linux and NetApp ONTAP 9 environment using Windows Active Directory authentication Discuss performance management and troubleshooting for NetApp storage systems and clients

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