Open Applications Group's Integration Specification (OAGIS)

This course introduces the student to the concepts and terminology of OAGIS. OAGIS is a XML specification that facilities cross-industry integration. OAGIS is both a vertical (within an industry) and horizontal (between industries) specification. The OAGIS Business Object Documents (BODs) provide pre-defined messages for consistent format. This course provides an extensive introduction to the OAGIS. The students will learn the fundamentals, how to read the OAGIS documentation, how to implement the specification and how the specification is extended.
Students should have some experience with XML.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is best suited for developers, or project managers with little exposure to OAGIS who desire a compressive introduction to OAGIS.
Introduction::Alternate Technology::OAGIS as a Canonical Model for Integration::OAGIS Technology::Basic OAGIS Walkthrough::Review and Summary

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