Opening up z/OS to the Cloud and Mobile Worlds - ESB5G

Training Summary
Mobile revolution is trending much more than “eBusiness 1.0”. To gain business value from mobile initiatives organizations must implement a mobile strategy. IBM technologies help enable mobile solutions on IBM System z. The availability of the IBM MobileFirst application development platform makes the development and integration of mobile solutions a reality for the enterprise. Enterprises that have investments in mainframe applications and data cannot afford to start from scratch when exposing business critical assets to mobile and cloud channels. z/OS Connect is a new feature that provides a simple, consistent, secure, and high-performing way to integrate existing z/OS business and infrastructure assets with the cloud and mobile worlds. The proliferation of mobile computing and mobile devices is accelerating. Increasingly, those devices are seeking data that resides on z/OS. In this course we will explore a solution for exposing your z/OS assets "as a service" behind a REST interface. That solution is z/OS Connect. With z/OS Connect, virtually all z/OS System of Record assets can be discovered and reached using simple RESTful calls from cloud and mobile platforms. You will learn how IBM WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect and WOLA fit together and how you can use mobile devices using RESTful protocol to connect to your z/OS backend systems We will show how z/OS Connect fits within a broader IBM Mobile architecture, and we will provide a hands-on exploration of setting up and using z/OS Connect and WOLA on real z/OS Systems that each lab team will have for their use.
Experience with the installation and customization of z/OS and its subsystems, including WLM, UNIX Services, and the Security Server (Resource Access Control Facility (RACF)), or equivalent product.
3 Days
This course is designed for experienced data professionals such as z/OS system programmers who are responsible for the installation and customization of Liberty for z/OS and z/OS connect, along with Information Technology (IT) professionals responsible for designing a mobile strategy around z Systems,
Course Topics
  • Describe the role of z System in a mobile strategy, and learn how it’s positioned in the cloud and mobile ecosystem.
  • Understand the value System z delivers to mobile solutions. Besides access to enterprise data, System z provides an optimal infrastructure for mobile computing that is reliable, available, and extremely secure.
  • Understand how, with the IBM MobileFirst Platform, teams are able to build and connect mobile applications that can access data from DB2®, CICS®, and IMS™without leaving the mainframe.
  • Describe how Rational tools integrate with System z and the IBM MobileFirst Platform to create the optimal, mobile DevOps environment.
  • Examine comparisons between System z and distributed systems and the benefits to be found by putting the mobile infrastructure on the mainframe.
  • Learn how you can enable z/OS systems such as CICS and IMS to more easily participate in today’s mobile and cloud computing environments
  • Learn how IBM WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect and WOLA fit together and how you can use mobile devices using RESTful protocol to connect to your z/OS backend systems
  • Implement z/OS Connect Gateway and then use WOLA to connect to your back-end systems such as CICS, IMS and z/OS Batch.

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