OpenStack Operations Bootcamp

This multi-day course is designed to introduce the basics of OpenStack, from what OpenStack is and how the distributed components of OpenStack work together to how one can operate the infrastructure, looking into deployment and troubleshooting aspects. This hands on course provides an introduction to OpenStack architecture through the process of deployment and debugging, relying heavily on using the command line interface (CLI), to create and operate a basic OpenStack-based cloud. Users will gain operational knowledge through use of the system, investigation of failures, and will get hands on time with the tools used to deploy openstack, focusing on the current “best practice” method of deploying OpenStack with the Kolla project and Docker based containerized applications.
Before taking this course, students should have a basic familiarity with Linux command line. Students should also have a basic understanding of virtualization concepts and Linux system troubleshooting.
10 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Data Center Architects, Cloud Infrastructure Architects, Datacenter administrators (compute, network, storage), Cloud administrators, Operations teams, and User Developers.
Introduction to OpenStack
  • OpenStack Architecture
  • Using Containers for Infrastructure Middleware
  • Deploying OpenStack with Kolla and Kolla-Ansible
  • Keystone Architecture
  • Glance Architecture
  • Nova Architecture
  • Neutron Architecture
  • Block and Object Storage
  • Horizon and User Access
  • Ceilometer and Heat Overview
  • OpenStack Advanced and Platform Projects:
  • Operating OpenStack Working under OpenStack
  • Consuming Cloud: What is the customer trying to do
  • Debugging the Cloud
  • Ansible: The admin’s best friend

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