Operations Manager: Monitoring Security with ACS

This course is a mix of in-depth instructor led training and hands-on labs that focuses on the architecture and mechanics of Audit Collection Services (ACS) in Operations Manager 2007. This course does not focus on installation or configuration of Operations Manager. This course is solely focused on ACS. The Operations Manager 2007 environment is built with SP1 and this virtual environment is used to then deploy and configure the ACS components.
Prior to attending this course, the students should be familiar with Operations Manager, the various server roles and the concepts covered in both the Installation and Configuration and Fundamentals courses.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course has been designed for people in the following roles; Security Administrator, Operations Administrator, Systems Administrator, Security Analyst, Auditor and Operations Manager Consultants and will provide them with the information they require to architect, deploy and configure ACS.
  • Overview of ACS
  • Installation
  • Audit Policy
  • ACS Configuration
  • Extending ACS with Secure Vantage Technologies
  • ACS in Untrusted Environments
  • ACS Performance Objects
  • ACS Reporting
  • Security Alerting

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