Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks (ONT)

ONT is training for skills in optimizing and providing effective QOS techniques in converged networks operating voice, wireless, and security applications.
Students must be able to:-Explain the fundamentals of Ethernet including CSMA / CD, port speed, port duplex, and 10Mbps to 1Gbps -Complete the initial configuration of a switch -Basic Spanning Tree Protocol configuration -Configure a switch with VLANs -Create basic interswitch connections -Troubleshoot a VLAN and VTP to the CCNA level -Complete the initial configuration of a router -Fundamental security knowledge including the presence of hackers, viruses and other security threats -Fundamental knowledge of IP Addressing including the format of IPv4 addresses, the concept of subnetting, and VLSM and CIDR as well as static and default routing -Basic NAT / PAT -Standard and Extended Access Lists -Use client utilities including Telnet, IPCONFIG, Trace Route, Ping, FTP, TFTP, and Hyperterminal -Basic IOS familiarity, including accessing the CLI on a Cisco device and specifically implementing the debug and show commands
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for channel partners/resellers, customers and employees.
  • The Cisco hierarchical network model as it pertains to an end-to-end enterprise network
  • Specific requirements for implementing a VOIP network
  • Implementing QoS and the methods for implementing QoS on a converged network using Cisco routers and Catalyst Switches
  • Key IP QoS mechanisms used to implement the DiffServ QoS model
  • Configuring Auto QoS for Enterprise
  • Describe and configure wireless security and basic wireless management

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