Oracle 10g: Application Express Developing Applications

This class will teach Oracle developers how to develop applications using HTML DB. Topics will include the Application Express (formerly HTML DB) architecture, Data Workshop, SQL Workshop and Application Builder. The focus is on teaching how to develop database-centric Web applications. Students will develop forms, items, drop down lists, buttons and web-based reports. Students will learn how to manage workspaces and implement security through authorization and authentication schemes.
Students should have a fundamental understanding of SQL and PL/SQL and HTML.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Application Express Architecture
  • Working with Oracle Application Express
  • Accessing Application Express
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Using Data Workshop
  • Managing database objects with SQL Workshop
  • Developing Web applications using Application Builder
  • Managing session states
  • User management
  • Security
  • Managing the Oracle HTML DB Workspace
  • Application Express User Interface Components
  • Developing applications
  • Working with SQL Workshop
  • Executing SQL commands with SQL Command Processor
  • Executing scripts with SQL Script Repository
  • Creating a Control File
  • Working with Database Browser
  • Querying By Example
  • Creating Database Objects
  • Configuring User Interface Defaults
  • Working with Data Workshop
  • Importing text data
  • Accessing the Repository
  • Importing Spreadsheet Data
  • Exporting to a Text File
  • Exporting to an XML File
  • Developing applications
  • Creating regions
  • Creating items
  • Defining buttons
  • Defining calculations
  • Defining page processes
  • Modifying user interfaces
  • Creating a form using Wizards
  • Creating a reports using Wizards
  • Managing report attributes
  • Creating a Chart
  • Debugging Applications
  • Understanding session states
  • Accessing session states
  • Clearing session states
  • Working with shared components
  • Creating parent tabs
  • Creating standard tabs
  • Creating static lists of values
  • Creating dynamic lists of values
  • Adding lists
  • Creating menus
  • Creating trees
  • Including page processing components
  • Creating computations
  • Creating validations
  • Creating processes
  • Creating branching
  • Working with templates
  • Modifying templates
  • Creating page templates
  • Editing Region Templates
  • Creating report templates
  • Managing Workspaces
  • Managing user roles
  • Creating users
  • Monitoring workspace utilization
  • Managing logs
  • Managing Session State
  • Viewing Reports
  • Security
  • Authentication
  • Creating authentication schemes
  • Authorization Schemes and applications
  • Authorization Scheme and pages

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