Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager Grid Control

This course introduces students to Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 10g Grid Control. Students learn how to use Grid Control to manage a multi-tiered Oracle environment, which includes an Oracle Database Server and an Oracle Application Server. Topics will include the installation of the management agent, managing administrators and groups, security and management best practices.
Students should have an understanding of the Oracle10 App Server and Oracle10g Database Server.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • OEM 10g Grid Control architecture
  • Grid Control Components
  • Grid Control Console
  • Installing OEM Grid Control
  • Configuring the OEM Grid Control
  • Managing OEM Grid Control
  • Working with the job system
  • Monitor Web Applications
  • Application Service Level Monitoring (ASLM)
  • Securing the OEM Grid environment
  • Installing the Management Framework
  • Oracle Management Repository Installation
  • Oracle Management Service Installation
  • Managing Grid Control
  • Using the EMCTL utility
  • Managing groups
  • Managing Grid Control administrators
  • Working with roles
  • Monitoring Grid Control
  • Monitoring individual components
  • Understanding metrics
  • Metric baselines
  • Blackouts
  • Managing jobs
  • Creating jobs
  • Scheduling jobs
  • Jobs search
  • Host monitoring
  • Metric threshold
  • Working with groups
  • Application Server monitoring
  • Application Server management
  • Deploying J2EE applications
  • Using historical data
  • Performance comparisons
  • Application service level monitoring
  • Creating web aApplications
  • Configuration web applications
  • Monitoring web applications
  • Monitoring the Oracle Collaboration Suite (OCS)
  • Managing OCS with Grid Control
  • OCS configuration tasks in Grid Control
  • OCS Groups
  • Monitoring OCS components
  • Configuration tasks
  • Managing changes
  • Implementing patches
  • Setting up policies
  • Oracle Home cloning
  • Database Cloning
  • Security
  • Secure communications
  • Proxy server configuration
  • Authentication
  • Using EM2Go
  • Customizing Grid Control
  • User-Defined Metrics
  • Custom targets
  • Custom reports
  • High Availability
  • Migration of the repository data
  • High Availability

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