Oracle 10g Java Database Programming

This course is designed to teach Java developers the fundamentals of Java database programming in Oracle. DBA issues such as configuring, performance tuning and monitoring the Oracle JVM architecture will be covered. Students will write numerous Java stored procedures, functions, packages, table triggers, database triggers using Java. Students will learn JDBC. SQLJ and the Oracle JDBC extensions. The class will be taught from an Oracle perspective.
Students should have a basic understanding of Java fundamentals and Oracle database administration.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This class is designed for developers who understand Java fundamentals but now need to learn how to write Java database programs in Oracle.
Understanding the Oracle JVM architecture::Oracle's Java strategy::Configuring the Oracle JVM::Performance tuning issues::Changes in the data dictionary with the Oracle JVM::JDBC::Oracle JDBC extensions::SQLJ::Java stored procedures, functions and packages::Writing Java database table triggers::Implementing database and schema triggers using Java::Integrating SQL, PL/SQL and Java::Calling Java routines from PL/SQL::Calling PL/SQL routines from Java::Writing object methods using Java::Error handling::Java security::JPublisher::Different ways of loading Java classes::Loadjava and dropjava::User defined types::Working with collections and LOBS::Java versus native mappings::Java in-line functions::Invokers versus definers rights::Overview of the Oracle 9i Application Server

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