Oracle 10g Reports

This course presents introductory through intermediate exposure to the Oracle Reports product. The content is geared towards experienced developers who wish to begin their mastery of this robust GUI development IDE. Oracle Reports is a sophisticated reporting tool. All types of reports, including tabular, grouped summary, cross-tab and matrix can be quickly created. The use of Wizards to hasten development and maintenance efforts, flexible dynamic content, custom formatting and dynamic content are all covered in depth and reinforced with Reports creation exercises.
-Skill with GUI interfaces-6 months of software development experience-Note: Attendees without any software development background will probably not have a successful class experience.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is appropriate for software developers wishing to build Oracle Reports skills, Oracle Reports developers who wish to 'back-fill' gaps in their knowledge and in-house development staff who are tasked with maintaining and/or enhancing 3rd party products based on Oracle Reports.
  • Oracle Reports introduction
  • The PetSaver database
  • Creating a simple tabular report using Form's wizards
  • Modifying a simple tabular report using Form's wizards
  • Using the Report Editor Paper Design
  • The Reports Builder Interface
  • Creating Mailing Label reports
  • Creating Form-like reports
  • Creating Form Letter reports
  • Creating Group reports
  • Using the Data Model Editor
  • Customizing reports
  • Creating Matrix reports
  • PL/SQL review
  • Using user-defined columns
  • Using PL/SQL in reports
  • Using report parameters

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