Oracle 11g Database Administration Lite

This course provides students with an introduction to Oracle 11g database administration. The course provides an overview of the key issues pertaining to the operation and maintenance of an existing Oracle 11g database. The course includes discussions of database design, administration, and operation of the database. The Data Dictionary is examined to create awareness among participants of the wealth of system information available to the informed user of the system. Dynamic performance tables are also explored to provide access to additional information about the database.Although this course is intended for the workgroup administrator, it is also suitable for an enterprise database administrator. Some topics are covered briefly so as to provide only an awareness of key features without dwelling on the details of these features. The material presented is also useful for application developers who wish to better understand the Oracle 11g environment.
Students should have taken the Oracle 11g SQL Fundamentals course. Oracle 11g PL/SQL Programming not required, but would be helpful.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Database Administrators responsible for the administration of an existing Oracle 11g database. Programmers and Analysts seeking a greater understanding of the Oracle DBMS may also find this class helpful.
  • Overview of Oracle 11g Architecture
  • Memory Structures and Processes
  • Relationships Between Database Objects
  • User Management and Database Security
  • Defining Database Objects
  • Oracle Utilities
  • Storage Management
  • Overview of Client-Server Architecture
  • Oracle's Data Dictionary

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