Oracle 11g SQL Fundamentals II

This training course book helps prepare students for the Oracle certification exams (OCP). This course book can be used as a user guide tutorial for ongoing reference long after the course is completed.
The textbook Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I is a mandatory prerequisite for this course.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
The target audience for this training course is all Oracle professionals, both business and systems professionals, who wish to pass the Oracle certification exams and need a "how to" guide to acquire the knowledge of SQL. Further, this course is well suited for non-Oracle professionals already experienced in the SQL but who wish to become acquainted with the unique and advanced features of Oracle SQL. Among the specific groups for whom this course will be helpful are application developers and database administrators.
  • SQL99 Join Techniques
  • Enhancing Groups with Rollup & Cube
  • Using the Case Expression
  • SQL Functions Character
  • SQL Functions Numeric
  • SQL Functions Date
  • Database Objects Relational Views
  • Database Objects Data Dictionary Storage
  • Database Objects Indexes
  • Database Objects Other Objects
  • Database Objects Security
  • Data Integrity Using Constraints
  • Managing Constraint Definitions
  • Advanced SQL*Plus Reports
  • Optional - Advanced SQL*Plus Reports
  • Optional - Building SQL*Plus Scripts
  • Optional - SQL*Plus Session Control

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