Oracle 12c Database Advanced Administration & Backup and Recovery Workshop

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Oracle 12c Database Advanced Administration & Backup and Recovery Workshop

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This course provides follow on education for moderately experienced administration of the Oracle database. The course includes coverage of conceptual topics needed for more in-depth understanding of increasingly complex administrative tasks, extensive coverage of Oracle network interaction, specialized database structures, advanced administrative tools, and comprehensive backup and recovery strategies and methodologies.Backup and recovery concepts are reviewed followed by in-depth coverage of user managed and RMAN backup and recovery techniques. Using Oracle Recovery Manger (RMAN) to perform backups (cold and hot) and database recoveries (complete and point in time 'PITR') are a primary focuses of the class.The Oracle instance, background processes, the SGA and memory structures are explored. Various models of data concurrency and consistency and alternative isolation levels are explained along with their uses.Oracle provides many, many network-centric features for configuring the database to make optimal use of a network and to provide custom quality of service. The high end options, configuration, optimization and ruggedization of the Oracle network interaction is given broad coverage.Specialized database objects that serve as alternatives to traditional relational tables are reviewed as are their appropriate uses. The many optional styles of indexes provided by Oracle are covered, with emphasis on the correct situations in which they can be deployed to best advantage.In order to maximize Oracle's delivery of services to various consumer groups and to regulate the regular execution of routine tasks, the Resource Manager and Oracle Scheduler are explained with numerous examples.The content of this course is applicable to Oracle version 12c.

Prior to taking this course, the following skills are needed:Skill with GUI interfacesData processing backgroundAn understanding of SQL is required to succeed in this class

4 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for:Oracle developers and moderately experienced DBAsOracle developers and DBAs wishing to 'back fill' gaps in their expertiseAdministrators responsible for performing or managing Oracle backup and recoveryTechnical managers needing Oracle expertise for project administration

  • Oracle Architecture
  • Concurrency and Consistency
  • Oracle Net Services
  • Advanced Data Types
  • Table Alternatives
  • Advanced Indexing
  • Database Resource Management
  • The Oracle Scheduler
  • Database Startup and Shutdown
  • Database Backup and Recovery Concepts
  • User Managed Backup and Recovery
  • Segment and Block Storage Management
  • Block Corruption Recovery
  • Recovering from Non-Critical Losses
  • RMAN Overview
  • Configuring RMAN
  • RMAN Backup Management
  • RMAN Recovery Techniques
  • Flashback Techniques
  • Flashback Database

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