Oracle 18c Database Administration I Installation & Management

This course provides an educational starting point for administration of the Oracle database. The course begins with an in-depth discussion of the database architecture, then installing the Oracle software and creating an Oracle database are covered. The Oracle instance, background processes, the SGA and memory structures are explored. As well as administering the initialization parameter file and the procedures for database startup and shutdown. Various models of data concurrency and consistency and alternative isolation levels are explained along with their uses. A large portion of the class covers common administration tasks such as managing the use of disk space through data files, tablespaces, extents, blocks and rows, the UNDO tablespace and the on-line redo log. The effective use of indexes is presented and how Oracle uses indexes to improve query performance. Since so much access to Oracle’s features is based upon it, a comprehensive overview of the PL/SQL language is conducted, including stored procedures and database triggers. All aspects of database user creation, maintenance and management are provided. Also including database security and controlling user access to database objects and resources There is a review of Oracle’s approach to the “self-tuning database” and the SQL Access and SQL Tuning advisors. The Oracle data utilities SQL*Loader, import data pump and Export data pump are described. Finally, an overview of backup and recovery concepts is given along with simple backup and recovery procedures. The content of this course is applicable to Oracle version 18c.
  • Skill with GUI interfaces
  • Data processing background
  • An understanding of SQL is required to succeed in this class
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for:
  • Oracle developers and novice DBAs
  • Oracle developers and DBAs wishing to ‘back fill’ gaps in their expertise
  • Oracle APEX, Forms and Reports developers
  • Technical managers needing Oracle expertise for project administration
  • Oracle Architecture
  • Data Dictionary
  • Installing Oracle 18c Enterprise Edition
  • Database Creation
  • Database Startup and Shutdown
  • Managing the Initialization Parameter file
  • Managing the System Global Area (SGA)
  • Concurrency and Consistency
  • Managing Database Storage
  • Managing UNDO
  • PL/SQL Overview
  • Managing Database Users
  • Controlling User Access
  • Managing Database Security
  • Creating Tables
  • Maintaining Tables
  • Creating Constraints
  • Maintaining Constraints
  • Effective Indexing
  • Creating Other Schema Objects
  • Working with Statistics
  • Self-managing Database
  • Loading and Moving Data
  • Backup and Recovery Concepts

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