Oracle 19c Data Guard

Training Summary
This course will describe the components of Oracles’ Data Guard tool. We will cover the differences between the physical and logical databases and the overall architecture of Data Guard.
Students should have at least six months experience
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for the Oracle DBA with at least six months experience.
Course Topics
  • Data Guard Components
  • Data Guard Transport Method
  • Differences between Failover and Switchover
  • Data Guard Framework
  • Data Guard Broker Configuration
  • Defining Gap Resolution
  • Defining Protection Modes
  • Operating System Requirements
  • Manually Creating a Physical Standby Database
  • Physical Standby Database and Cloud Control
  • Logical Standby Database
  • Using Cloud Control to Create a Logical Database
  • Backup Methods and Data Guard
  • Flashback Database and Data Guard
  • Backing up in a Data Guard Environment
  • Data Guard and Failover
  • Cloud Control and Failover
  • Data Guard and Switch Over
  • Cloud and Switch Over
  • Define Fast Start Failover
  • Failover Client
  • Define a Snapshot Standby Database
  • Oracle Active Data Guard
  • Managing Data Guard Components
  • Upgrading databases with Data Guard

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