Oracle 9i Concepts and Facilities

This course combines a discussion of relational concepts with a presentation of the features and capabilities of the Oracle relational database management system. A brief introduction to SQL is provided to illustrate major points. The course provides the student with a foundation in the fundamental concepts of the relational database model as implemented in the Oracle RDBMS product. Discussion will also include advanced features of Oracle to support a very large database (VLDB) or to exploit object-oriented capabilities of the DBMS.
Students must have basic computer literacy.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Managers, Programmers, Analysts, and Users involved with or considering using an Oracle system. This course is also appropriate as an introduction to Oracle for individuals familiar with another relational database product.
  • Overview of Oracle
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Database Design Examples
  • Views
  • Security
  • Data Organization
  • Other Schema Objects
  • Oracle's Data Dictionary
  • Oracle Software Tools
  • Client-Server and Distributed Systems
  • Data Warehouse Support
  • Object-Oriented Features

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