Oracle 9i PRO*C

This course offers students a lecture/lab intensive environment on Oracle's Data Server Technology. The class covers the concepts of embedding SQL statements within a C language application and evaluating simple to complex queries along for performance. Advanced techniques such as PL/SQL anonomyous calls and calling stored procedures and packages are covered.
Students should have a working knowledge of computers.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Application Developers, Database Administrators, Systems Analysts, and Technical Support Professionals.
How to use PRO*C in the UNIX environment::Decide when to use Singleton selects and/or Cursor processing::Define SQL statements so that the precompiler can find them::Understand the Cursor Processing logic needed to fetch multiple rows into a program::Write SQL select statements in 'C' language which perform database updates, deletes to existing rows and adds new rows to a table::How to connect to an ORACLE database session with the appropriate user and password id's::How to write dynamic embedded SQL within a PRO*C environment.::Learning to use different array processing logic in PRO*C::How to use Stored Procedures & Functions within PRO*C::Debugging PRO*C and using built-in packages

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