Oracle 9iR2: SQL Programming

This class will develop database-programming skills using SQL. Relational and Object concepts will be covered. Students will learn complex SQL programming skills in Oracle 9i. Oracle 9i database features and tools will be introduced to students. This course will prepare you for the Introduction to Oracle 9i: SQL Programming certification test (#1Z0-007).
A background in data processing, relational database concepts and programming is strongly recommended.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Oracle data types
  • Using the data dictionary
  • DML statements
  • Transactions
  • The UNION, INTERSECT, and MINUS operators
  • SAMPLE clause, GROUPING function, CUBE and ROLLUP operators
  • Introduction to Analytical functions
  • The WITH clause
  • Complex data retrieval using equi-joins, Cartesian-joins, self-joins, outer-joins, subqueries, correlated subqueries, hierarchical and tree-structured queries
  • Oracle character, date, numeric and conversion functions
  • SQL*Plus application and report writing using parameters, substitution variables, calculations, groups, breaks, summaries, headers and footers, Web reports
  • Schema objects
  • Constraints
  • ANSI SQL features
  • Multi-table INSERT statement
  • Merge statement
  • Object-relational types
  • Globalization
  • Rule and Cost based optimization concepts
  • The basics of performance tuning skills using Explain Plan and Autotrace.
  • Using SQL to generate SQL
  • Using SQL*Plus

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