Oracle ADF Faces for Forms/4GL Developers

This course teaches students to build applications by using ADF Business Components (ADF BC), ADF Faces, and ADF databinding using Oracle JDeveloper 10g Release 3 (10.1.3). Students explore ADF Business components and will learn to develop entity objects and simple pages with ADF Faces. Students learn how to build the pages to support a multi-page transaction and then deploy the application to Oracle Application Server 10g R3 ( This course also introduces students to web services and how they are used in Business Component applications. Students learn how to call and make use of web services from their ADF applications.
Students should have basic experience with Oracle JDeveloper 10g.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
-Developer-Forms Developer-J2EE Developer-Java Developer-Sales Consultants-Technical Consultant
  • Oracle ADF Introduction and JDeveloper
  • Defining the Application Pageflow
  • Using ADF Faces Components
  • Exploring ADF Business Components
  • Developing Entity Objects
  • Presenting and Packaging the Data Model with View Objects
  • Managing Applications with Application Modules
  • Binding UI Components to Data Sources
  • Developing a Simple Page with ADF Faces
  • Creating a Master-Detail Page
  • Implementing Transactional Capabilities
  • Passing Values within a Page
  • Creating Application Events in JSF
  • Deploying ADF Applications
  • Using Web Services with ADF Applications
  • Troubleshooting

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