Oracle Database 10g: Implement Parallel SQL & Partitioning For Data Warehouses

Training Summary
This course will equip database professionals with the advanced skills needed to administer data warehouses. As the size of databases and data warehouses increases, one cannot rely upon the default features of the Oracle database to sufficiently process such massive volumes of information. One must employ advanced features intended for such environments. In fact, these features are at the same time, among the most powerful tuning options available within the Oracle database yet some of the least understood and utilized.
The following courses are mandatory prerequisites for taking this course: -Oracle Database 10g: Introduction to SQL - Complete Library -Oracle Database 10g: SQL Tuning
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
The target audience for this course is database administrators, data warehouse administrators, and senior application developers. In fact, managers and any other information technology or database professionals who will interact with very large databases (VLDB) would benefit from this course.
Course Topics
  • About Partitioning & Parallelization
  • Creating Partitioned Tables
  • Managing Table Partitions
  • Creating & Managing Partitioned Indexes
  • The Partition-Aware Optimizer
  • Parallel Processing Within the Oracle Database
  • Enabling & Tuning Parallel SQL Execution
  • Advanced Tuning Of Parallel Execution

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