Oracle Database 11g: Real Application Testing

This course will present some of the most advanced features available to database developers. In addition to receiving the print copy of this course book, all students will receive e-Learning modules.
The mandatory prerequisite for this course is experience administering an Oracle database.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
The primary target audience for this course is Oracle database administrators and application developers. Oracle web server and application server administrators, as well as others who must manage an embedded repository database using Oracle database technology will also find this information useful.
  • Consider both the challenge and the necessity of changes to the systems infrastructure and how these can disrupt production applications.
  • Review the goals of change management, change assurance and how these are implemented with Real Application Testing technology available with the Oracle 11g database.
  • Learn how to perform the capture of a production database workload while not interfering with the applications or users involved.
  • Learn how to replay the production workload on a test database configuration, providing a real-world test of how an actual application will function in an envisioned database configuration.
  • Learn how to configure clients which will simulate the network interaction of real-world users in a test configuration.
  • Perform a detailed analysis of application execution within proposed database configurations to assess whether the application performance will progress or regress as a result of the proposed change.
  • Use the SQL Performance Analyzer tool to measure progression or regression of individual SQL statements under a proposed database configuration, providing a detailed level of change assurance before the change ever occurs.

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