Oracle Database 12c: Architecture & Internals

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This is a core curriculum course applicable to most learning paths within the Oracle course series. We begin with a discussion of the broad systems infrastructure where one finds Oracle database installations, and we outline how the database fits with other systems in multi-tiered architecture, including web servers, application servers and engineered systems such as the Oracle Exadata database computing platform. We then explore the intricacies of a single database installation, including memory, process and storage structures. Periodically we delve into the internals of the database, probing into such areas internal locking mechanisms, kernel module calls and database failures.This course initially presents the Oracle database architecture from the perspective of a traditional, single-tenant database configuration as it exists within an on-premise systems infrastructure. We then draw comparisons between such a traditional environment and the new Oracle 12c multi-tenant architecture, used in both traditional and cloud-based computing models.We present this information in a form that goes beyond a discussion of theoretical concepts. In many cases the Enterprise Manager interface is used to explore the components under consideration. Therefore one of the secondary objectives of this course is to acquaint you with the built-in Enterprise Manager Database Express interface and sometimes with its EM Cloud Control (CC) companion. In particular our focus is to discover the capabilities of the Enterprise Manager Database Express interface newly introduced with the Oracle 12 database release.The architecture of different Oracle database installations are not all uniform, as there is considerable flexibility regarding the way a particular installation is configured. Such configuration options exist largely in the form of database parameter settings. So this course will devote considerable time to identifying these parameters and how these settings can be used to configure a database installation to suit local requirements.The information contained within this course is critical to the success of most Oracle technology professionals, whether they are database administrators, security specialists, tuning experts or cloud computing administrators.

Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals (Levels I & II)Oracle Database 12c: Install & Upgrade Workshop

2-3 Days/Lecture & Lab

Database administratorsApplication designers and developersWeb server administratorsSystem administratorsImplementation specialistsData center support engineersChief Information Officers (CIO) and other information technology (IT) management professionals

  • Oracle Architecture The Systems Infrastructure
  • Oracle Architecture The Database Host
  • Oracle Architecture Principles & Technology Concepts
  • Oracle Architecture The RDBMS Installation & The Database Instance
  • Oracle Database Instance Memory Architecture
  • Oracle Database Instance Background Process Architecture
  • Oracle Database Instance Foreground Process Architecture
  • Oracle Database Storage Architecture Logical Database Objects
  • Oracle Database Storage Architecture Physical Database Files
  • Oracle Database Storage Architecture Tablespaces
  • Oracle Database Internal Mechanisms Data Concurrency
  • Using AWR

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