Oracle Database 12c: Install & Upgrade Workshop

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This course offers a step-by-step guide for the installation of the optional Oracle 12c grid infrastructure followed by the installation of an Oracle 12c database. The primary focus is the configuration of a Linux host system, with helpful hints for other supported platforms such as Oracle Linux, UNIX and MS Windows. This course starts with a bare-metal server system and guides one through the process of an operating system installation, operating system configuration and finally the Oracle grid infrastructure and Oracle database installations.This course includes practical tips learned from many real-world installations. We include topics about the preparation of disks as Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) candidate devices, troubleshooting installation issues and verifying the validity of an apparently successful installation.While this course module applies specifically to the installation of the Enterprise Edition of the Oracle database, it covers basic topics that apply to any Oracle software installation. Therefore, this material is also useful for the installation of other Oracle products such as the Oracle Database Client, specialized options for a database server installation, and so on.

Data Modeling: Logical Database DesignOracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals (Levels I & II)

2 days/Lecture & Lab

Database administratorsApplication designers and developersWeb server administratorsSystem administratorsImplementation specialistsData center support engineersChief Information Officers (CIO) and other information technology (IT) management professionals

  • Oracle database architecture overview
  • Configuring the host for standalone installation
  • Grid infrastructure configuration
  • Grid infrastructure installation
  • Database installation configuration
  • Database installation
  • Creating databases using DCCA
  • Using Oracle restart
  • Preparing for a database upgrade
  • Upgrade to Oracle database 12c
  • Post-upgrade tasks

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