Oracle Database 19c: New Features for Administrators

Training Summary
This course will help you to learn the new and enhanced features of Oracle Database 19c amongst different areas such as database overall, security, availability, performance, big data and warehousing, and diagnosability.
The course provides the Oracle Database 19c new features and enhancements related to database overall, security, availability, performance, data warehousing, and diagnosability. Pre-Requisites: Students should have familiar with
  • Basic understanding of Oracle Database
  • Familiarity with Oracle Database installation
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
The targeted audience for this course is Oracle Database Administrators, System Administrators and Developers.
Course Topics
  • Using General Database Overall Enhancements
  • Using Security Enhancements
  • Using Availability Enhancements
  • Using Performance Enhancements
  • Using Big Data and Data Warehousing Enhancements
  • Using Diagnosability Enhancements
Sharding Enhancements
  • Performance and Warehousing Enhancement Demos

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