Oracle Database 19c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration

This Oracle Database 19c RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration course introduces students to the basics of Oracle RAC in the context of Grid. Students learn how to install and configure Oracle Clusterware in a RAC environment. Students then learn how to create, configure and administer a database that will be used in a RAC and Grid context. Finally, students are introduced to ASM. Versions supported 12cR2, 19c.
Before taking this course, students should take the following classes: Linux Introduction, Oracle Database 19c Administration, and Oracle Database 19c Backup and Recovery with RMAN.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This Oracle Database 19c RAC course is designed for experienced database administrators who need to implement 18/19c RAC environments.
  • Oracle real application clusters overview
  • Oracle grid infrastructure overview
  • Configure servers for installation
  • Install oracle grid infrastructure and real application clusters
  • RAC cluster database and database instance administration
  • Administer oracle clusterware components
  • ASM instance administration
  • ASM disk group administration
  • RAC management commands
  • Oracle clusterware troubleshooting
  • Add and delete nodes and clusters
  • Manage oracle software and
Apply patches
  • Multitenant architecture in a RAC environment
  • Overview of RAC one node
  • Overview of quality of service management
  • Overview of application continuity for Java

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