Oracle Database12c: SQL II - Intermediate

Training Summary
This course builds upon the prerequisite introductory volume from the Oracle Database 12c: SQL Expert Series and considers intermediate-level SQL topics such as writing database queries using the SQL-99 syntax and exploiting the power of built-in functions that extend the capabilities of SQL.You will learn how to complete of an application schema definition by creating database objects such as relational views, sequences, synonyms, indexes and others to compliment the table definitions. The crucial topic of data integrity and how this is protected using declarative constraints is covered.With this course we will also leave the idyllic realm of the learning environment and begin to explore such practical real-world considerations as database object security and database performance.
Oracle Database 12c: SQL I - Introduction
3 Days/Leacture & Lab
Business and non-IT professionalsApplication designers and developersBusiness Intelligence (BI) analysts and consumersDatabase administratorsWeb server administrators
Course Topics
  • The Data Dictionary Structure
  • About The SQL-99 Standard
  • Enhancing Groups with Rollup & Cube
  • Using the Case Expression
  • SQL Functions Character Handling
  • SQL Functions Numeric Handling
  • SQL Functions Date Handling
  • Database Objects About Database Objects
  • Database Objects Relational Views
  • Database Objects Indexes
  • Database Objects Creating Other Objects
  • Database Objects Object Management Using DDL
  • Database Objects Security
  • Data Integrity Using Constraints
  • Managing Constraint Definitions
  • Understanding the Data Models

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