Oracle Forms V6

Training Summary
This course provides the student with the skills required to build enterprise applications using Oracle Forms, the major component of Oracle Developer. In this course the student will build complete forms applications using Form Builder and customize forms with Graphical User Interface (GUI) objects such as buttons, check boxes, list items, and radio groups. Oracle Forms triggers and built-ins will also be covered and included in the final production-quality applications which are developed during the laboratory exercises. Techniques for integrating Oracle applications will also be presented.
The student should have taken the SQL and SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, and Relational Database Design courses or have equivalent experience.
5 days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for application developers.
Course Topics
  • Oracle developer overview
  • Oracle developer interface
  • Overview of project builder
  • Using the object navigator
  • Oracle Forms modules
  • Oracle Forms components
  • Forms objects and database tables
  • Oracle Forms object hierarchy
  • Running an oracle form application
  • Modes of operation
  • Types of queries
  • Inserting, updating and deleting records
  • Commit and rollback
  • Advanced query techniques
  • Forms designer tools
  • Object navigator toolbar
  • Layout editor
  • Layout editor toolbar
  • Properties palette
  • PL/SQL editor
  • Accessing Oracle Forms help
  • Object navigator views
  • Creating a default form
  • Using the data block wizard
  • Using the layout wizard
  • Customizing a Form
  • The layout editor
  • Components of the layout editor
  • List items
  • List of Values (LOVs)
  • LOV return items
  • LOVs during runtime
  • Layout frames
  • Manipulating items
  • Setting grid and ruler spacings
  • Duplicating and copying items
  • Grouping and aligning items
  • Creating and editing Boilerplate text items
  • Visual attributes
  • Understanding master-detail forms
  • Relations
  • Master-detail triggers
  • Block properties
  • Oracle Forms objects
  • Items, blocks, and properties
  • Definition of properties
  • Common property sheets
  • Copying properties
  • Property classes
  • Subclassing and referencing
  • Object libraries
  • Smartclasses
  • Template forms
  • Types of item-
  • Using tool tips
  • Buttons
  • Radio groups
  • Check boxes
  • Display items
  • Using the LOV wizard
  • Record groups
  • Creating and manipulating record groups programmatically
  • Summary items
  • Formula items
  • Program units
  • Triggers
  • Sample trigger tasks
  • Oracle Forms events
  • Types of triggers
  • Trigger categories
  • Error processing in triggers
  • Trigger execution style
  • Mouse event triggers
  • Default validation
  • Navigation
  • Oracle Forms built-ins
  • System variables
  • Global variables
  • Multiple-form applications
  • Passing parameters to Forms
  • Content canvas-views
  • Windows
  • Customized toolbars
  • Modifying the canvas
  • Tab canvases
  • Referencing items with internal ID
  • Alerts
  • Attached libraries
  • Library document types
  • Overview of menus

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