Oracle Performance and Tuning

This course offers students a lecture/lab intensive environment on Oracle's Data Server Technology. The class covers the concepts of both performance tuning of SQL and Objects in an Oracle database and the use of SQL. The student will learn how to write simple to complex queries along with being able to modify database objects through SQL. Advanced technique such as ROLLUP, CUBE, set operators and creation of user-defined datatypes discussed.
Students should have working knowledge of computers.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Application Developers, Database Administrators, Systems Analysts, and Technical Support Professionals.
  • Identifying the levels of tuning for an Oracle database.
  • The ability to analyze Joins, Sub-queries, Union, Intersect, and Minus statements to improve access to Oracle tables
  • Utilizing timings to identify fast Oracle data retrieval statements
  • Learning to use HINTS to influence the Oracle Optimizer
  • When to use JOINS vs. Sub-queries vs. Unions vs. Intersects vs. Minus statements
  • How to review Oracle's optimization plan using the EXPLAIN statement
  • Mastering Oracle constraint statements for better performance
  • Intensive Lab problems used for quicker problem solving of complex queries

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