Oracle PL/SQL I Introduction

Training Summary
PL/SQL allows developers to extend the basic data query and manipulation of SQL into complete applications and shared program units. This class provides the technical expertise necessary to utilize this powerful component of Oracle. The content of this course applies to developing PL/SQL blocks for standalone use, stored procedures, functions, packages and triggers or in the Oracle Forms or Reports development tools. One of the most powerful features of PL/SQL is the ability to create ‘program units’ that are stored within the database. This allows for robust solutions to be developed that can be shared and re-used. Students will learn to write, debug and manage all types of program units: procedures, functions, packages and triggers.
  • Skill with GUI interfaces
  • Data processing background
  • A basic understanding of SQL is required to succeed in this class. Persons attending without this will experience difficulty
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for:
  • Intermediate Oracle SQL developers and DBAs
  • Intermediate Oracle PL/SQL developers and DBAs wishing to ‘back fill’ gaps in their expertise
  • Oracle Forms and Reports developers
  • Technical managers needing Oracle expertise for project administration
Course Topics
  • PL/SQL language fundamentals
  • Creating anonymous blocks using SQL Developer
  • The Petsaver database
  • PL/SQL scalar variables
  • SELECT statements in PL/SQL
  • DML statements in PL/SQL
  • Transaction control in PL/SQL
  • The SQL Developer interface
  • PL/SQL control structures
  • PL/SQL composite variables
  • PL/SQL cursors
  • PL/SQL exception handling
  • PL/SQL block hierarchies
  • Advanced exception handling
  • Basic Oracle supplied packages
  • Optimizing PL/SQL performance

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