Oracle Solaris 11 Performance Management

Training Summary
This course will provide a summary of tools and techniques used to monitor the performance of the hardware and operating system in an Oracle Solaris 11 operating environment. This course will also provide techniques used to tune and optimize the performance of the Oracle Solaris 11 operating environment. The student will use tools that are available in the standard release of the Solaris 11 OE (version 11.1).
Students should have 3-6 months experience in Solaris 11 System Administration
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for System Administrators who are responsible for the daily operation of a Solaris system and desire a better understanding of the tools that are available for monitoring and tuning the environment.
Course Topics
  • Describe the system monitoring tools included with the Solaris 11 operating environment
  • Monitor process and thread activity
  • Monitor memory
  • Monitor disk I/O and ZFS file systems
  • Tune ZFS file systems
  • Monitor and tune the network
  • Monitoring the Solaris hardware
  • Overview of Oracle Solaris System tuning
  • Oracle Solaris Kernel Tunable Parameters
  • Overview of System Facility Parameters
  • View and set tuning parameters for global and non-global zones
  • Modify CPU scheduling and virtual memory operations
  • Resource management control how applications and zones use available system resources

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