Oracle SQL Query Tuning Techniques

A poorly performing database application not only costs users time, but also has an impact on other applications running on the same computer or the same network. This class provides an essential next step for SQL developers and database administrators who want to extend their SQL tuning expertise and get the most from their database applications. There are two basic issues to focus on when tuning SQL: how to find and interpret the execution plan of an SQL statement and how to change SQL to get a specific alternate execution plan. Exercises will provide answers to these questions and address a third issue that's even more important: how to find the optimal execution plan for the query to use. The student will learn how to understand and control SQL execution plans and how to diagram SQL queries to deduce the best execution plan for a query. The exercises reinforce the concepts they will learn. The class concludes by addressing special concerns and unique solutions to "unsolvable problems." Whether the student is a programmer who develops SQL-based applications or a database administrator or someone who troubleshoots poorly tuned applications, this class will give them a reliable and deterministic method for tuning SQL queries to gain optimal performance. Each topic, concept, and idea comes with financial examples of code and output, along with workshops to help the participant gain proficiency. Relevant examples provided for students will be drawn from hands-on experience of over 20 years.
Students should have SQL experience.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for anyone using SQL who wants to understand performance options.
Overview::Data-Access Basics::Execution Plans::Diagramming Simple SQL Queries::Deducing the Best Execution Plan::Diagramming and Tuning Complex SQL Queries::Why the Diagramming Method Works::Special Cases::Outside-the-Box Solutions to Seemingly Unsolvable Problems

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