Oracle10g Streams and Advanced Queuing

Oracle Streams AQ provides database integrated message queuing functionality. It is built on top of Oracle Streams and leverages the functions of Oracle Database so that messages can be stored persistently, propagated between queues on different computers and databases, and transmitted using Oracle Net Services and HTTP(S).
Students should be Oracle DBA's with at least six months of experience as a DBA. Successful completion of Oracle9i or 10g courses Database Administration Fundamentals I and Database Administration Fundamentals II.
5 Days\Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for programmers who develop applications that use Oracle Streams AQ.
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Database Initialization Parameters
  • Design of a Streams/Advanced Queuing Application
  • Streams Capture Process
  • Streams Apply Process
  • Streams AQ Security
  • Streams Staging and Propagation
  • Streams Conflict Resolution
  • Transformations
  • Working with AQ$ Tables
  • Troubleshooting

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