Oracle12c Clusterware Administration

Training Summary
This course provides a complete, hands-on introduction to the newest release of Oracle Clusterware Administration. Key features of this product are fully discussed and demonstrated.
A thorough knowledge of Oracle11g database administration is required. Full familiarity with Oracle11g PL/SQL is highly desirable.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is appropriate for anyone needing to learn key new features of Clusterware Administration That would include application developers, database administrators and IT management.
Course Topics
Real Application Cluster Overview::RAC System Requirements::ASM Overview::FLEX ASM::ASM Files::Configure Clusterware::Configure Cluster Database::Use SRVCTL::Use CRSCTL::Backup Cluster Database::Administer Clusterware::Tune Clusterware::Diagnosis Clusterware::Clusterware and High Availability::Oracle RAC NODE ONE::Node Management::Application Continuity

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