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The purpose of the Foundation qualification is to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of Change Management to work as an informed member of a team working on an organizational change initiative. The Foundation qualification is also a prerequisite for the Practitioner qualification.

This course includes a sample examination and preparation to re-enforce the knowledge gained. The Foundation exam is done on the afternoon of the third day. It is a multiple – choice closed book exam of one hour consisting of 50 questions with, for each question, four options where one option is correct. A successful candidate will get at least 50% of the questions right.

There are no prerequisites for this course. It is STRONGLY recommended that course participants acquire “The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook” - ISBN 9780749473075 – Published November 2014.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This qualification is aimed at individuals who are involved in change initiatives who require a working knowledge of the key principles of change management, who need to know the terminology used and some of the theory behind the practice. It is also the Introduction to the higher level Practitioner qualification and therefore includes all those who are the target audience for that qualification.

The program will enable the candidate to recall, recognize, and demonstrate understanding of the theories, concepts, models, and approaches outlined in the Course Text, including terms used, process sequences, and roles involved. Specifically one should be able to demonstrate this understanding by being able to:

  • Explain how individuals are impacted by change, different ways they may respond to change situations and how learning processes help them adapt
  • Contribute to development of strategies to help individuals through change, increasing motivation for change and overcoming resistance in order to achieve desired outcomes
  • Offer insights on how organizations work, how the process of organizational change occurs and the typical roles that collaborate to deliver successful change
  • Identify key drivers of an organization’s culture, and recognize different types of change process (e.g. planned and emergent change)
  • Describe significant elements of the stakeholder engagement process in a change initiative, and relate this to appropriate communications strategies
  • Discuss with colleagues the different areas of impact of a change initiative, and how momentum for that change can be built and sustained
  • Outline important aspects of how to build an effective change team, and to contribute to discussions about how to improve the effectiveness of a team
  • Prepare for the certification exam

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