Parallel Sysplex Overview & Operations

This course provides an examination of the parallel sysplex environment for systems programmers, operators and application programmers. Topics include an introduction to the z/series sysplex hardware, architecture, system services and functions. In addition, application exploitation and operational control will be examined.
Students should have basic understanding of the OS/390 Operating System and CICS/DB2/VTAM/MVS/JES2 commands. They should also have a working knowledge of the Hardware Master Console.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
System programmers, operators, and application programmers that need an understanding of the z/OS parallel sysplex environment and the subsystems supported.Workstations will be used to illustrate concepts and provide basic exposure to the elements of the z/OS environment.
  • Parallel Sysplex Overview
  • Coupling Facility
  • Coupling Facility Structures
  • Coupling Facility Performance
  • Couple Data Sets and Policies
  • Operations
  • Failure Management
  • Parallel Sysplex Performance
  • Application Considerations and Exploiters

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